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Oops, We're Using a Different Wiki Now

It looks like you were trying to access something on our old wiki (which was based on JSPWiki). Please note that it has been replaced by DokuWiki, which functions a little differently. For your convenience, here is a list of links to articles from the old wiki that have been moved over to the new wiki:

Please note that moving these pages is difficult, and takes a lot of time. JSPWiki did not store pages in a format that was compatible with DokuWiki, and thus the pages need to be completely redone, with each line being copied out and reformatted by hand. Also, DokuWiki does not support some of the same formatting that JSPWiki was capable of, so I have to hunt down plugins to add it when I am moving articles.

As of right now, I only expect to be moving two of the old articles to the new wiki. When I was removing the old JSPWiki files, I only felt it necessary to save two of the articles, and so everything else was deleted. If you were expecting some other article to be here, then please visit my forums and let me know.

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