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 +====== Adding a Djvu Key to STOPDecrypter ======
 +<note warning>**Do not attempt to follow these instructions unless you have been asked to do so.** If you have not been given a key by the creator of STOPDecrypter (Demonslay335), then following these instructions //will// result in corrupted files (they will look normal, but they won't work).</note>
 +These instructions assume that you already know how to download and open STOPDecrypter. If you do not, then you may download it from [[|this link]], and you may follow steps #1 through #6 in our [[stopdecrypter|STOPDecrypter article]] (please ignore everything after step #6 in that article).
 +Most of the steps below contain pictures to help see what you're supposed to do. Please do not try to use the ID and Password seen in these pictures, as they are only an example, and won't work for you.\\ \\ 
 +  - Open STOPDecrypter, and affirm that you have read the FAQ available [[|here]].\\ \\ 
 +  - Click on **Tools**.\\ {{:stopdecrypter_djvu_key_001.png?direct&400|}}\\ \\ 
 +  - Click on **Add Djvu Key**.\\ {{:stopdecrypter_djvu_key_002.png?direct&400|}}\\ \\ 
 +  - Enter your ID and Password (sometimes called a "decryption key"), then click **OK**.\\ Note: Your ID and Password will be different from what's shown below.\\ {{:stopdecrypter_djvu_key_003.png?direct&300|}}\\ \\ 
 +  - Click on **Select Directory**.\\ {{:stopdecrypter_djvu_key_004.png?direct&400|}}\\ \\ 
 +  - Either select a folder containing files you wish to decrypt, or select your profile folder.\\ The profile folder highlighted below is an example, and yours will be named after your account on the computer.\\ If you double-click on a folder in the list, it will open to show you any folders it contains.\\ {{:stopdecrypter_djvu_key_005.png?direct&200|}}\\ \\ 
 +  - Click on "Decrypt" to start decrypting your files. Any errors or other messages will appear in the log on the left side of the STOPDecrypter window.\\ {{:stopdecrypter_djvu_key_006.png?direct&400|}}\\ \\ 
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